Individual fellows will receive in-depth training in project-specific techniques and methodologies locally in their respective PhD programs.

The RNA-train network will provide common courses, workshops and training visits in Industry and with other partners in the network. This will ensure interdisciplinarity in the individual fellow’s training plan and equip the fellow with a broad range of transferable skills such as project planning and management, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Network events

Here you find and overview of the training events and workshops offered to our fellows as well as meetings in the Supervisory Board. The dates are tentative and may be subjected to changes.


Kick off Meeting: 31.3 -1.2 2014
Workshop I: April 2-3rd 2014


Technical training I: 27-28. October 2014
Consortium Meeting: 29-30. October 2014
Workshop II: 31. October 2014

5+6: ROME

Summer School I : joint meeting with RNA DAY September 2015
Mid Term Review Meeting: September 2015

Workshop III
: will be held March 2016

7+8: BASEL

Technical training II: March 2016

9+10: PRAGUE

Summer School II: March 2017
Workshop IV: March 2017


International Conference: October 2017