Welcome to RNA-TRAIN

RNA-TRAIN is concluded but information about the program, former activities, fellows, etc. is still accessible on this website.

A Marie Curie Initial Training Network - FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN

RNA-TRAIN is a European RNA training network devoted to educating the next generation of European researchers in the field of ncRNA biology.

We will focus on the functions and importance of ncRNAs in multidisciplinary projects in which the ncRNAs are studied in the context of development, differentiation and disease. We will develop projects that span from the identification of relevant ncRNAs in selected model systems, over functional annotation of ncRNAs in high throughput screening approaches to a range of biochemical and genetic functional analyses.

We are a group of 9 top-quality European Research laboratories and 2 companies spanning 8 countries comprising both private and public Institutions

RNA-TRAIN is funded by the Marie Curie initiatives of the European Commission. The network will start October 1st, 2013 and be active for four years

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