Ricardo Soares – University of Copenhagen

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Ricardo Soares (ER2)

Nationality: Portuguese

Main Host
Institution: Bioneer A/S

Academic Background: PhD degree in Health Sciences by the University of Coimbra, Portugal

Project title: Development of in situ hybridization (ISH) technology for ncRNAs involved in human disease. 

Project background: Despite the non-coding potential of lncRNAs, their regulatory function in physiological and pathological processes is already undeniable. To study their biological role we need to know their expression level and their localization inside the cell or within a tissue. In situ hybridization is the technique that can provide us with both information.

Project Aim: The detection of lncRNAs poses some technical challenges. For this reason, we need to optimize and establish different probe strategies to detect lncRNAs by ISH. We also aim at establishing multiplex assays to, simultaneously, visualize multiple lncRNAs or lncRNAs/proteins in the same biological sample. Finally, we intend to establish methodologies that can assist us to visualize the interaction between lncRNAs and proteins/DNA.

Expected outcome:

  • Establish guidelines for the use of different probe technologies to detect lncRNAs by ISH;
  • Establish experimental procedures to perform multiplex detection of lncRNA and protein in the same biological sample;
  • Optimize methodologies to visualize the probable interaction between lncRNAs ad proteins.